Are you ready?

What is S00n?

S00n is a team of crypto enthusiasts that met through various projects and decided to do something about the dubious nature of BSC. Our aim is to provide asylum for those who, like ourselves have been rugged and scammed but still believe in the potential of the crypto space.

What are S00n's aims?

Financial freedom for our community and creating a place to build lasting friendships!

What does S00n do?

We are dedicated to furthering our knowledge of blockchain technology and providing SAFU projects that members of the S00n community can benefit from, both socially as well as financially.

How does S00n do it?

Hard work! We are determined to make a safe space on BSC where investors can sleep easy knowing their investments are SAFU. We achieve this by; engaging with the S00n community, listening to their needs and desires, researching the latest trends and reviewing our processes.

Our Team Members

  • Riefus
  • [Founder] Designer, Mastermind
  • Strutty
  • [Founder] Developer, Wizard
  • Karth
  • Developer, Guru